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Every self respecting city has one or more. While a village is small enough for its residents to know every one of its happenings, cities are different. They are larger and with so many businesses and events going on, the need to have someone who knows the city life intimately is absolutely vital.

Iman Pirzadeh is the Town Crier of Cyberjaya.

He is the man behind the Cyber Ads magazine and cyberads.org website. The publication and website have become the bulletin boards of Cyberjaya. Residents refer to his magazine or consult his website to keep track of shops, restaurants, events and more in Malaysia’s intelligent city. We had met up to talk about his venture at a newly opened bar and restaurant called Giggles and Geeks. The pub is located in a quiet corner of Cyberjaya and without his magazine and website, people would have difficulties finding it.

The soft spoken Iranian came to Cyberjaya as a student where he studied at LimKokWing University. This enabled him to gain the necessary skills as well as gain contacts that hold him in good stead till today. Many of his fellow students left Cyberjaya after completing their studies, drawn by the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur. But Naim did not follow them. On the contrary, he was contented with the work-life balance that Cyberjaya offered and decided to stay. “I love the city. It is jam-fee. I like the pace of life at Cyberjaya and its greenery,” explaining why he decided to make Cyberjaya his home for now.

Initially, IP Studio Sdn Bhd, the company he started specialised in web and video production works. They took on mainly corporate video jobs and so on. Then inspiration came and he launched the Cyber Ads advertising magazine in 2011.

“I realised that lots of new students and workers come to Cyberjaya all the time and they had difficulty finding their way around,” said Iman. His print magazine was distributed for free, mainly at areas where students frequented. A certain portion was also circulated at work spaces around the city.

The Cyber Ads magazine is printed monthly and is a collection of advertisements by business establishments in Cyberjaya. Every issue has a directory of useful telephone numbers and an illustrated map of Cyberjaya.

Of course, Iman did not stop at the print magazine. He has launched the Cyberads.org website along with accompanying Android, iOS and Windows phone apps. The website has a map of Cyberjaya on its home page. Other than that, the contents are similar to the print magazine.

Iman is also offering his advertisers the opportunity to place more than ads. He offers two packages to advertisers. The Cyber Gold package comes with a single home page while the Cyber Platinum package basically allows businesses to have their own website on its platform. “I noticed that many shops and restaurants in Cyberjaya do not have websites. By taking up my package, they get a website and advertisements running at the same time.”

Iman’s company is now an MSC Status company and he is working hard to expand his network. He is really happy that he got the MSC status because otherwise it was really challenging to do business in Malaysia. “As a foreigner, it was a bit difficult to penetrate the market. I didn’t know about the benefits of MSC until a friend told me.” Since getting the MSC status, it became much easier to do business in Malaysia and business has picked up.

He will also soon be adding more technologies into his online offerings. “We will soon be introducing a more interactive map on our apps and website. Users will be able to get directions and be led to the place they want to go to.

Iman also plans to expand to other cities in Malaysia soon. After that, he will explore going international. He is happy that he chose to remain in Cyberjaya. “People here have been very supportive. I am grateful to companies like Setia Haruman, Prime Avenue and Cyberview for lending assistance all the time.”


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